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I thought the first part was funny...

Because all I have been playing lately is Tales of Symphonia.

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"During the journey, an invisible merchant ate the puppy of the messy farmer."

I love the game,

but ever since the update happened where you need to put in the account info, I have been unable to log in. I have received the tool that helps you find your password from the creator, but that does not work for whatever reason.

My track. Dont click until slow motion.

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Usually I hate it when people remix songs into a mashup like this. That's because they do not do it like this. This remix is fantastic. It brings out all the best parts of the Hoenn soundtrack. This is just beautiful.

This is actually really good, thought there is just a bit missing from the harmony. Keep it up.

Wait... you've been doing the music for Project Ark? That's fantastic.
DO you know how much longer until we will see a release for it?

ajfromcanada responds:

You know, I actually haven't been attached to the project for quite some time. Wish I could help.


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